The Government has announced some changes to its building programme to help support more people into home ownership. This includes changes from 1 October 2019 to the HomeStart Grant / Welcome Home Loan.

Read the announcement on the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development's website.

Finding the deposit for your first home can be a struggle, with most lenders currently requiring a minimum 20% deposit. But with a Welcome Home Loan you only need a 10% deposit which means getting into your first home is that much easier.

Welcome Home Loans are issued by selected banks and other lenders, and underwritten by Housing New Zealand. This allows the lender to provide loans that would otherwise sit outside their lending standards.

Are you eligible

There are Welcome Home Loan eligibility criteria as well as the lender's credit criteria.

How to apply

Have a look at the quick guide to find out how you apply for a Welcome Home Loan.

List of lenders

Choose your preferred lender from this list of participating Welcome Home Loan lenders.

Case studies

Have a look at how Ben and Toni bought their first home in Christchurch using a Welcome Loan and KiwiSaver.

Ben and Toni have an offer to buy their first home accepted as long as they meet the conditions set out in the sale and purchase agreement. The property they’re interested in is a $400,000 existing home in Hoon Hay, Christchurch.

Help with your deposit is available

Saving is the obvious way to get your deposit. But there are other ways too.

Find out how by clicking the link below or read the case studies to see how other borrowers have obtained their deposit. 

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